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iMIS is a powerful and intelligent system that manages several key needs of associations – members and donors, dues billing, event setup and registration, product orders, website content, and online self-service transactions. At 501CiO, we are iMIS experts, and we also know associations. Putting these two together, we can help you maximize the potential that iMIS offers to associations like yours. Sound expensive? Let us show you just how affordable iMIS is.

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Chief Interruptor


Kitty is our secret weapon. He has database administrator experience on nine planets in this arm of the galaxy. When our SQL work is not bringing the correct results, we know it is often Kitty mocking us, manipulating the data invisibly. Yet time and time again, we find that after ten or eleven steps, the correct data suddenly resolves and this is because Kitty is actually a benevolent, though mischievous, entity. When we are deeply engrossed in some complex and mind-consuming task, he demands to be let outside or to be fed. When he is truly impish he insists on crawling on our keyboards and sitting on our laps.

Robert Holden



Robert loves to stay up late playing video games and working. (So we happily assign him the graveyard shift). He's a natural at rock climbing and is finishing off his requirements to be an Eagle Scout. He makes his mom, Kristen, and the whole staff proud. Robert has been lead programmer and mechanical engineer on the school FERST Robotics team for the past two years. He started programming very early in middle school and in high school helped the instructor teach classes. That's why Robert is our all-star back-end developer.

Andy Finch



If Andy doesn't know how to program something, he'll figure it out. We give him problems to solve and he's never daunted. He doesn't even flinch. Everything, in fact, Andy has ever worked at – mechanical builds, computer programming issues, even home fix-it projects – he kept approaching it from different angles until the puzzle came together. A born engineer, Andy had an early start on computer work. He started building, tearing apart, and programming computers in fourth grade. It may have been a nightmare to his mom, with expensive computers in parts in the Finch home, but now it's a career. That's why Andy is our dream-team front-end designer.

Aaron Cook

Technical Consultant


Aaron is way cool. Aaron needs to write his bio. Derek can say anything he wants here about Aaron until Aaron gets his bio written. Hehe.

Kristen Holden

Technical Consultant


Loves to cook, sew and quilt, and collect beads. When she gets a chance to play in the dirt and grow flowers, she has been known to lose all sense of time. Kristen has a background in technical training with small software companies, marketing with Texas Instruments, and most recently was a professor of Statistics at Kennesaw State University.

Derek Leman

Director of Business


Loves exercise, outdoors, writing, books, theology, and J.R.R. Tolkien. He is guilty of writing most of this website's content. You may get a visit from him as he likes dropping in on associations to see how they do things. He will definitely ask you to sign up for our email newsletter (check it out here on our READ page). He might encourage you to be more like Tony Stark (Iron Man), using smart agents (software doohickeys) to do the heavy lifting of association work. He thinks iMIS is more like Jarvis than any other AMS on the market. Oh, and he likes comic books.

David Cook

Founder & CEO


Loves exotic foods - Indian, Persian, Thai, Greek, and Lebanese. Favorite activity - sitting with good friends, drinking a glass of a preferred Cabernet while sampling dark chocolate. David oversees just about everything we do around here, given that he is a master trainer, builder, coder, as well as a highly regarded iMIS guru (hence the Indian cuisine).