Why iMIS is an Association's BFF?


What do you want in a BFF? Loyalty? Fun and games? Honesty? An occasional mood-lifting? Someone who scores tickets to the concert for you?

Can iMIS do all that? Um, no. But here are the top reasons why iMIS still qualifies as your Bestie.

Before saying more, here are a few videos by iMIS users ...

iMIS for All Associations

iMIS used to be for the big guys: large initial price, ginormous annual fees. The software world is changing and iMIS has changed too. It is now licensed in a subscription model, also known as "Software as a Service" or SaaS for short. Think of Microsoft Office 365 as an example of SaaS. You don't buy the software. It's in the Cloud and you pay an annual fee to use it. Upgrades are free.

And that is great news for small and mid-sized associations. You can get rid of the tin can and string and move up to a smart phone. You can ditch the Huffy bike for a Lexus (or Beemer or Benz). No more cobbling together five different solutions that don't talk to each other or using Excel spreadsheets to do most of your real work.

iMIS in the Cloud

iMIS20-300 is in the Cloud. No server to maintain or rent. And you might think this will all come at a price tag like government agencies pay for things. Try and think more positively (positive thinking is good for you). iMIS costs less per user than many of its competitors. There may have been a time when iMIS was out of reach for your organization. Now it's perfect for the size you are.

iMIS and NiUG, the National iMIS Users Group

iMIS users formed a a national network for sharing solutions, tips, and tricks. It's called NiUG (the National iMIS Users Group). So see? You are not really alone.

People with iMIS superpowers talk to each other and share expertise. You have people to reach out to, people who sit at an association desk every day just like you. There are conferences. There is a listserv. There is a learning center. Smart, real-world users are hoping you come to the next event so they can meet you.

iMIS and ReviewMyAMS

iMIS is highly rated on ReviewMyAMS.com. You know ReviewMyAMS.com, right? It's where hundreds of associations (600 so far) comment on dozens of brands (56 AMS brands at last count). No brand gets more reviews than iMIS.

Just as it is with movie reviews, every brand is hated, loved, and somewhere in between. Here's what you will notice if you read iMIS reviews. The haters usually are stuck in the old versions (iMIS10 and iMIS15). Yes, it's true, software ten years ago wasn't as cool as it is today. So, unsurprisingly, when you read the iMIS20 reviews, you see things like "the most fully functional and flexible system we’ve found" and "very easy to use" and "lots of users sharing knowledge in the users portal" and "iMIS20 gives me light at the end of the tunnel," and we could go on.

If I were to pick two lessons to learn from reviews on ReviewMyAMS.com, they would be: One, pick a great consultant team to work with, people who care about your goals and dreams (hint, 501CiO). Two, customize intelligently in dialogue with other iMIS users and/or a great consultant team (ahem, 501CiO).

iMIS Out of Box or Custom Tailored for Your Association's Style

iMIS is powerful right out of the box. It's even more powerful when its tailored to your organization's dream mission. If your budget is not as big (yet) as your dreams, there is a bold and brave path to get you there. Start with iMIS out of the box and with a website with a free theme. You can add shiny stuff in year two.

If you currently are using five or six systems hobbled together with duct tape, plan your way out in stages. We recommend the Cloud version, where you will always have the latest advances in iMIS technology and where you pay for the software as a service (SaaS). 501CiO specializes in bringing small and mid-sized associations into iMIS affordably. Then we are here for tailoring it, giving it the style you want your members to see. Award-winning websites are just the beginning. iMIS is about creating member experiences that keep you relevant and much-loved by the users who look to your organization.

iMIS and Tech Relevance

Finally, iMIS is a secret weapon for demonstrating just how relevant you really are. You may have heard there is a race (see the book by Mary Byers and Harrison Coerver, Race for Relevance: 5 Radical Changes for Associations). Other organizations compete for your members' time, involvement, and money. iMIS helps you keep up in the contest of clever competitors.

The new iMIS has smart alerts, drawing members who are open to engagement deeper in and bringing them to more participation. It also has member self-service tools offering more to those members who want more to be equipped in their field than engaged in a social network. No AMS has better access to email marketing solutions with segmented lists, campaign testing, adviser-led services, and so on to bring your business's bottom line not only up, but through the roof. And iMIS makes it easy to offer your content online as a product and/or a service.