Are you struggling to get the most out of your iMIS software?

Let 501CiO Consulting help you.

Our dedicated iMIS Consulting Experts get to know you and your association. We bring you personalized service and practical solutions using standard iMIS in creative ways. We do it all – websites, web applications, reengineered processes, simple and complex reports, automated tasks, and more.

Here are some of the iMIS Consulting services we provide:

  • Designing and building attractive, highly functional, and user-friendly websites
  • Importing new customer records into iMIS
  • Automating staff-driven, manual processes
  • Streamlining and automating online joins and renewals
  • Simplifying and/or inventing your processes for membership self-signups
  • Building custom reports for better business intelligence
  • Helping constituents find their customer records and retrieve credentials to reduce duplicates
  • Training staff


If you are currently using iMIS to manage your members and need ongoing assistance, we offer affordable rate plans for maintaining iMIS to fit every budget. For a free consultation to discuss your specific requirements, give us a call at 770.595.0452 or contact us by email (

Rate PlanPrice Per HrTermsExtras
25-hr Prepaid Block$185Good for 1 yr
50-hr Prepaid Block $180Good for 1 yr
5-Hr monthly Subscription$180Rollover up to 15 hours into the next month. Requires 12-month commitment.Excess hours billed at $180 per hour
10-Hr monthly Subscription$175Rollover up to 30 hours into the next month. Requires 12-month commitment.Excess hours billed at $175 per hour

Free annual 2-hour IT consultation

What People Are Saying

We really appreciate the relationship we have had with 501CIO. The team at 501CIO, are easy to work with, and always provide an excellent customer service experience, work is high quality and turn-around time is fast. Cost is very reasonable for services provided. 501CIO rocks.

Gina Breault
Chief of Finance and Operations
American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians

We have worked with 501CiO for years and have complete confidence in their ability to meet our needs.

Alyson Abercrombie
Director, Communications and Marketing
AGC Georgia