Why iMIS?

As a Customer Relations Management system for member- and donor-based organizations, iMIS is arguably the most mission-critical system within the company.  Here are our top reasons why we believe people choose it over the competition:

  • MIS used to be for the big organizations.  With the power of cloud-computing, today no firm is too small or too big.
  • iMIS is now licensed in a subscription model, which means it’s more affordable than ever.
  • iMIS users have formed a national network at NiUG.org, which hosts a highly active listserv and puts on 2 major conferences per year.
  • ASI, the makers of iMIS, offers regularly scheduled dozens of training classes, covering all modules.  It also offers hundreds more free video tutorials.
  • The software is highly customizable, giving organizations incredible flexibility define processes and workflows.

iMIS for All Associations

iMIS used to be for the big guys: large initial price, ginormous annual fees. The software world is changing and iMIS has changed too. It is now licensed in a subscription model, also known as “Software as a Service” or SaaS for short. Think of Microsoft Office 365 as an example of SaaS. You don’t buy the software. It’s in the Cloud and you pay an annual fee to use it. Upgrades are free.

And that is great news for small and mid-sized associations. You can get rid of the tin can and string and move up to a smart phone. You can ditch the Huffy bike for a Lexus (or Beemer or Benz). No more cobbling together five different solutions that don’t talk to each other or using Excel spreadsheets to do most of your real work.

iMIS in the Cloud

iMIS20-300 is in the Cloud. No server to maintain or rent. And you might think this will all come at a price tag like government agencies pay for things. Try and think more positively (positive thinking is good for you). iMIS costs less per user than many of its competitors. There may have been a time when iMIS was out of reach for your organization. Now it’s perfect for the size you are.

MIS and NiUG, the National iMIS Users Group

iMIS users formed a a national network for sharing solutions, tips, and tricks. It’s called NiUG (the National iMIS Users Group).  See, you are not really alone.

People with iMIS superpowers talk to each other and share expertise. You have people to help, people who sit at an association desk every day just like you. NiUG offers 2 major conferences per year and maintains an listserv.  It also hosts a learning center.  Smart, real-world users are hoping you come to the next event so they can meet you.

Dozens of Training Classes

Any great piece of software is only great if people know how to use it.  In order to gain the “know-how,” people need to be trained.  ASI, the makers of iMIS have put together dozens (more like two hundred) of classes to help its customers quickly gain the necessary expertise to maximize their use of the product.  You can take these classes a la carte or purchase an annual subscription.  Many organizations opt for the latter since all staff can take as many classes as they like.

In addition to formal training classes, ASI offers hundreds of free video tutorials.  More advanced users can often gain proficiency simply by watching them.

Customizable Software

Finally, iMIS can be customized in many ways.
Here are few examples of how our clients have tailored the software to meet their unique needs:
  • Offered many pricing levels for an event, depending of the type of member, VIP, or donor a person happens to be.
  • Designed an application process before being allowed to register for an event.
  • Built a multi-step process to join the organization.
  • Separated donations from other purchases so that funds land in distinct bank accounts.
  • Built numerous complex reports using the powerful built-in query tool.