You want ease of use. Great support. Accessible training. For your boss to take the staff out to P.F. Chang’s.

Other than cuisine, 501CiO has been providing solutions for the many kinds of things associations want for 14 years. It all started when our CEO was the IT wizard at an Atlanta association and a sudden vacuum arose in the iMIS world here. That was in 2003 and more and more people started calling on him to do iMIS projects for them in the wee dark hours after his day job.

By the end of 2006 it was obvious to David Cook that he needed to start his own firm, which he did at the beginning of 2007. He coined the name 501CiO (because associations are 501(c) organizations in IRS terms) and he was the CIO (Chief Information Officer) at his day job. We have been in business ever since, bringing these two concepts together for associations all over the country.

Small and Mid-Sized Associations

More than a decade later, scores of iMIS installations and website builds since then, we have emerged as the preferred iMIS partner for small and mid-sized associations. IMIS isn’t just for the large organizations anymore. Have we given you our talk yet about the advantages of the Cloud and the way iMIS’s SaaS (Software as a Service) approach makes it accessible to all kinds of associations, non-profits, and fundraising organizations?

Our philosophy as a company is simple: we put ourselves in your shoes. What does the view look like from your association desk? What solutions will help you win the race for relevance in this changing time?  We serve associations proudly, because we reason that as associations make the world a better place, we too make it better, simply by helping them complete their missions.

The Relationship Era

Some experts call this new time period we are in “the relationship era” (Bob Garfield and Doug Levy, Can’t Buy Me Like). People want connections and they want authenticity. This promises a bright future for associations like yours. Who is better at helping people make connections and discover authentic things about their industries and the people around them than associations?

Our action plan is to do more than help you convert to iMIS or upgrade into the Cloud version or make you an award-winning website. Along the way, we plan to give away ideas, positivity, and inspiration about you and your technology. Care to join in?