Free Self-Help Resources

Many self-help resources are available for solving iMIS-related issues free of charge. Here are some that you will likely find to be helpful.
NiUG (International iMIS user group) Offers a listserv for members to submit their questions and problems to a public forum.  Responses are usually fast, occurring within minutes.  Past forum posts can be searched.
ASI tech support Click on Client Support and submit your case.  Response times vary.
ASI help website Lots of searchable documentation on every feature of iMIS.
YouTube channel Search for iMIS Tutorials.  Contains about 300 short how-to videos and nearly every feature.
User meetings in Atlanta, Tallahassee, and Raleigh Contact us These meetings are conducted by 501CiO Consulting and ASI, the makers of iMIS.  The cost is free, and lunch is usually provided at no charge.  Typically once or twice per year.  Sessions cover a topic of interest.  Attendees participate with questions and networking opportunities.  Contact us for more information.

Paid Resources

If you don’t mind paying for education, here are some more resources.
NiUG Conferences Offered three times per year, in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Typically attended by several hundred people for the purpose of attending classes, learning of new features soon-to-be-released, and discovering new third-party solutions that extend the capabilities of iMIS.
NiUG training Subscription-based service offered through an “All Access Learning Pass” to pre-recorded training sessions.
At-Your-Desk training Contact us Subscription-based service offering hundreds of live web-based training on a regularly scheduled basis.
Innovations Conference Contact us Offered once per year, usually held in Florida during the month of March.  Attended by hundreds of people, mostly iMIS Consultants but open to iMIS customers.
Custom Training Needs Contact us If you have a need for individualized or unique training requirements, we can help. Maybe you already know the basic principles but need something more advanced or even specific to the way you use iMIS. If so, let us know by calling (770) 595-0452 or via email (